It is no surprise to those that know and love Johnny and I know that we are obsessed with love food. You could say that eating out and cooking are a hobby we share, and we love exploring both! 

Wegmans is our local grocery store, where we get our food for all our cooking adventures. We love Wegmans. Seriously. In this sense, we are "Rochester-ians" through and through (Rochester folk are wholly devoted to their local Wegmans, mostly because it originated here, and mostly because it's awesome). From their amazing recipes, huge organic section, $6 meals, and their cafe areas with AMAZING selections of food, this grocery store takes "grocery store" to a new level. If this was your local store, why would you EVER go anywhere else??? 

    Here's some of our favorite restaurants in Rochester. When you have free time and a growling stomach, start at the beginning of our list and make your way down. You won't be sorry you did, promise. 
      • Sol Burrito-Amazing tacos w/ fresh salt & pepper chips and guac.
      • Jeremiah's-Best chicken wings ever. Order bee sting sauce, trust me.
      • Pizza Stop-The owner owned a pizza shop in NYC. It's the real deal.
      • Simply Crepes-Order a strawberry crepe. It will change your life. 
      • Rohrbach's-Good German food and a fun atmosphere. 
      • Tournedos-This is the fancy-night-out place. Worth every penny.
      • The Food Bar-A Wegman's restaurant, which we, of course, love.
      • Aja Noodle-They have rockin noodle bowls here for great prices.
      • Carrabba's-I used to work here, and we are wholly devoted now. 
      • Piranha Sushi Bar-Yes, we love sushi, quite a bit actually.
      • Aladdin's-All organic Greek food with an area to sit outside.  
      • The King and I-Amazing Thai food, very authentic!
    When we're not eating out, we're cooking in :) Here are some favorite recipes: