We consider ourselves some of the blessed people in the world because of three things. 
  • One, we have an amazing family that love us dearly. 
  • Two, we have amazing friends who have become our family. 
  • Three, we have the most incredible church that has also (you guessed it!) become our family. 
I mean, who usually can say they have all of those things??? We are blessed. Period.

Family. We have moms that love us oh so much, they are beautiful women. There's 1 brother and 2 sisters between us, and they give new meaning to the closeness of family. 2 nephews and 1 niece. Two brother-in-laws and one sister-in-law. Love. Love. Love.

Friends. Wow. I mean, your family you are stuck with don't get to choose. Your friends are a whole different story. We have the best friends in the planet. If you don't believe us, come and visit. We'll introduce our friends to you, and you'll see that we are right. 

We will write a whole post about these friends some day, stay tuned :)

Church: Our church family is like nothing we've ever experienced in a church before. Check them out online if you're curious, and you can even watch a service live! TFH (shorthand for "The Father's House") has given us a family to serve with, and it has changed our perspective on our purpose in life. 

There you have it-blessed, blessed, blessed. How'd we get so lucky? No matter, but I did tell you that it was true, and now you know I'm right :)