Friday, March 30, 2012

Carmel Macchiato

The last couple of weeks my heart has been heavy. Whenever I see people set against one another my reaction is to somehow bridge the gap, to bring peace and resolve. Yet, this most recent issue, I wasn’t even sure what to make of it, let alone attempt to make peace between corporate America and my faith community.

Growing up as the youngest and only male representative in our small, and occasionally, dysfunctional family seemed to give me an outside perspective on family matters. (Man I miss Steve Erkel.) Making peace is [always] sticky because compromise is involved. It's even trickier when the controversy arises within your own family or tribe. If you haven't figured it out yet, I am referring to Christians boycotting Starbucks. I mean, coffee is a hot topic to begin with, but in the sub-culture of Christianity the reason it has taken off once again is over the announcement of Starbucks recent addition to their company values. It is weird how no one has petitioned boycotting Microsoft or Nike who made similar announcements. That would be a lot of computers and sneakers on Craigslist!

Some claim more than 80% of our tribe drinks daily the sweet nectar produced from this Seattle-based company. I, however, find this hard to believe because only 50% of our family does: June (+), Johnny (-). Unfortunately, Christians have a tendency to be either “straight-up” or with lots of “creamer” when it comes to issues. (Sorry for the bad coffee reference, I meant black or white. Another humorous coffee slur.)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Mission

Good morning world!

In order to keep true to the promise I made about updating you on the crazy life of Johnny and June, I should let you in on a new exciting adventure we are embarking on! No, no babies. Sorry Mom if you just peed yourself a little.

We are heading to El Salvador in February, leading a team of 10+ college students, for a missions trip with Christ for the City. We've actually done this trip before, back in February of 2010, and it was amazing. For real. Life-changing experience. First, CFCI (Christ for the City International) is a kick-butt organization. They have missionaries stationed in countries all over the world, and their mission is to show people the love of Christ by meeting the needs of the people. For example, in El Salvador, medicine/doctors/medical care is the biggest need their people face. In fact, they have the lowest amounts of doctors per people in all of Central America. And medicine like ibuprofin is a luxury. So, we are taking some medical students (pre-med, nursing, etc.) with us to volunteer in a clinic that CFCI runs five days a week. I've been in this clinic, and most days there is a line a block long with people needing medical treatment.

Another cultural factor is soccer, or el futbol, as Johnny likes to say. In fact, Johnny is a lover of el futbol, playing his entire life, including college. That's my man :) Anyway, we also take some soccer athletes, and they get to run soccer camps during the day with kids that are either living in poverty or completely homeless. Seeing them laugh and getting to love on them is so amazing. Plus, when you play futbol with them, they are much more ready to listen, especially when you share about Jesus.

We have a definite 10 students coming with us, but we may have a few more in the works. We have only 3 months to raise the funds to go on the trip, but we aren't worried. Johnny has some crazy fundraising ideas, including the mustache-masquerade (a ball where everyone comes with mustaches, including the ladies). Oh wow. Can't wait for that one. There will be pictures for sure. If you would like to give any funds for the team, you can do that on the website. I will give you all that link when it's up and running.

Last time, it was an incredible 8 days. We laughed. We cried. We sweat. We bonded. I got peed on (by a baby with no diaper...oh yes), and Johnny and I learned so much about pouring out our relationship together. We are completely stoked (yes I typed "stoked") for this experience with more students. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. And we'll keep you posted as the next three months unfold. And yes, we are still busier than a firework store on the fourth of july weekend. So, proceed with caution. There may be explosions along the way :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Cute Boy Friday

Friday. Glory be. After a long and emotional week, I need pictures of a cute boy to soothe my soul. Enter Jack. My nephew. And the cutest boy possibly that has ever lived. This is not a shameless plug for the cute-ness levels of my husband, but the whole family swears that Jack is the spitting image of Johnny when he was little. Sigh. I am a lucky lassie. Anyway, if you have had an equally crazy week, let the cute-ness overtake you, and give you hope of an amazing weekend. And feel free to leave a comment letting me know why your week has been crazy. Misery can always use company :)

This one is my favorite. I'd like to say that my photography skills are growing, but it may be that I just had the perfect subject. Either way, I am going to go and dream of the 17 boys I will give birth to someday. Hopefully not all at once.