Friday, November 4, 2011

Cute Boy Friday

Friday. Glory be. After a long and emotional week, I need pictures of a cute boy to soothe my soul. Enter Jack. My nephew. And the cutest boy possibly that has ever lived. This is not a shameless plug for the cute-ness levels of my husband, but the whole family swears that Jack is the spitting image of Johnny when he was little. Sigh. I am a lucky lassie. Anyway, if you have had an equally crazy week, let the cute-ness overtake you, and give you hope of an amazing weekend. And feel free to leave a comment letting me know why your week has been crazy. Misery can always use company :)

This one is my favorite. I'd like to say that my photography skills are growing, but it may be that I just had the perfect subject. Either way, I am going to go and dream of the 17 boys I will give birth to someday. Hopefully not all at once.

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