Sunday, October 30, 2011

Guess who's back?!?

Guess who's back (back), back again ('gain)? We are back (back), tell a friend (friend)!

For those of you who are not up on Emimen (and it's really okay if you're not...Johnny and I just happen to have a thing for rappers), you may not get that sweet reference. All that needs to be gotten is that Johnny and I are back from the black hole that enveloped us in the last few months, and back to our beloved blogging life.

Let's pretend this is a soap opera that is starting up a new season. If this were a soap, this first episode might start like this: "Here's what you've missed on Johnny and June..."
  • Johnny started his last year of his Masters [woot]
  • June started her Masters [gasp]
  • Johnny got a sweet internship with a student group on our college's campus [yessss]
  • June got a promotion at work [squeal]
  • June's little baby brother got married [tear]
  • No babies, homes, or pets have entered the picture [a-okay]
And that's pretty much everything you've missed. Glad we're all up to speed. We'll fill you in on more details, but in the meantime, know that your favorite blogging duo is back. And loving life. And loving each other. And loving you all. Speaking of loving, are you all loving the new blog layout? A recent self-imposed photo shoot inspired the new layout...Johnny and I were in between a wedding ceremony and reception with about three hours to kill. That was pretty much the cue for lights-camera-action, and some fun photos were born. Hope you love it as much as we do.

I have a ten page paper just waiting for me (oh the joys of more education...), so I must be off. Be looking for some updates from Johnny and I coming soon (to a theater near you! Okay, I need to get off the entertainment kick. June, this is not a soap or a movie). Love you all!


  1. so glad that you guys are back, back again, yo :) love the new pics! and love you both!

  2. Five star rating for the first post back! I have missed your posts! :)

  3. LOL love that it had the "Glee" feel to the "Here's what you missed" part.

    -Kimi L.